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Deep work sessions

Today: 0.00 hours
Streak: 0 days
Average: 3.91 hours
Standard deviation: 2.28 hours

Read and think

Today: 0.00 hours
Streak: 0 days
Average: 1.78 hours
Total: 579.8 hour

Daily meditation

Today: 0.00 minutes
Streak: 0 days
Average: 9.63 minutes
Standard deviation: 2.94 minutes

Daily water intake

Today: 0.00 cups
Streak: 0 days
Average: 5.98 cups
Standard deviation: 1.22 cups

Daily exercise

Today: 0.00 minutes
Streak: 0 days
Average: 37.00 minutes
Standard deviation: 14.69 minutes

Wake up before 7 everyday

Streak: 0 days
Number of days: 325 days

Hours of sleep

Today: 0.00 hours
Average: 6.51 hours
Standard deviation: 0.95 hour

Calendar heat maps with statistics

Tracking your habits work best when it is measured. By seeing a visual representation of your progress you get to be honest about yourself, a key recipe to building discipline into your life. We also built in customizable statistics, such as your yearly average and standard deviation.


Build habits with your friends

Great friends help each other improve! Follow your friends to grow together and motivate each other. Building habits with friends is way more effective than going at it solo.


Gain points as you stick to your habits

Motivation for building habits is a tough nut to crack, which is why we invented our points system! The longer you stick to your habits, the more points you get. Compete with our thousands of active users or with your friends!