Build a beautiful habit tracker on Notion

Learn how to create calendar heat maps to track your habits that look like this 👇

Daily meditation

Today: 0.00 minutes
Streak: 0 days
Average: 9.63 minutes
Standard deviation: 2.94 minutes
Pretty, isn't it? You can interact with it too. Try hovering over the calendar! By the end of this article, you'll recreate a Notion habit tracker that looks like this.

Forcing a habit tracker onto Notion with their tabular structure can be... well, awkward. We fixed that with a free habit tracker that we made called Life of Discipline. With it, you can create many calendar heat maps like the one above to track any habit and embed them onto Notion. It only takes 3 super simple steps!

Step 1: Sign up to Life of Discipline and create your first habit

Head over to the sign up page to create an account (it is free!). Then, create a new habit that you would like to track. It could be anything, from tracking the number of pages you read to your daily water intake!

Step 2: Generate an embed link

Now that you have created your habit, click on Edit for the habit you just created.

click on edit

On the Edit Habit page, scroll down and click on Create an embed link. Remember to check Embed with dark mode if your Notion page is under dark mode. If you would like to log your habits directly on Notion, check the Log habits directly on embed option. This will create a link that you can embed onto Notion. Once the link is created, be sure to copy it!

click on embed link

Step 3: Embed the link on your Notion page

Head over to the page on Notion that you want to embed your heat map on. Then, create an embed block by typing '/embed' and hit return (enter if you are on Windows) to select the first Embed option.

type embed

Paste the embed link that you copied in step 2 and... Voilà! Now drag the embeded habit on Notion to resize it however you like!

paste link

Step 4: Repeat for your other habits!

Now repeat steps 2 and 3 for any new habits that you would love to track!

How to log your habits daily

You can currently log your habits directly on Notion as long as you selected the Log habits directly on embed option. However, this is not perfect yet as it only works on Notion through the browser. Do not that anyone who has access to that link can log your habits for you, so make sure your Notion page is private if you select this option.

If you would like your page to be public, then simply leave the Log habits directly on embed option unchecked. This would require you to log your habits through our website instead.

To make it easier, we can simply link our profile onto our Notion dashboard like so. To log, simply click on that link to log directly on our website!

paste profile link