Press kit

Let me know at if you need more assets. I will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you could reach out to me on Twitter at @raymondmoay.

Why I made this

I started Life of Discipline with a goal of nudging as many people as I can towards a life of greater self-control. I really, really think this is important. Self-control has a multiplicative effect on society. The more control you have, the better your immediate life becomes. The better your immediate life becomes, the better your contributions towards society in your own domain of expertise. A disciplined chef cooks incrementally better food that delights more people. A disciplined teacher teaches more effectively. Disciplined parents become greater role models for their children (and in fact, are more likely to provide better lives for them). You get the idea; discipline and self-control multiplies your impact on society. Unlike most pleasures in life, the more the merrier.

Who am I?

I want to make my time here on Earth as meaningful as I can but my day job just wasn't doing it, so I taught myself code during the pandemic with the goal of building products that made people's lives better. My life's goal is to help as many people as I can become 10x better and the scale of the internet allows me to do just that.

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